About Hark! The Data

Data Science is a very complex topic… or rather an entire umbrella of topics! these can be as diverse as data visualization, data cleaning and preparation, inferential statistics, linear algebra, natural language processing, deep learning, programming… Huff! the list goes on and on and the subject may seem intimidating.

This site is intended as a friendly place for those who want to reap on the benefits that Data Science and Machine Learning have to offer but that do not know where to start. Sometimes the experts are people so knowledgeable that we are afraid of asking something and sounding or looking dumb; this site’s mission is to bring down to earth subjects that by nature are pretty complex, a safe place to learn!

Can you hear it? the data is whispering, sometimes even screaming!, they want to teach us their secrets, tell us stories, warn us from dangers and sometimes even predict the future! Let’s carefully listen!!

About me

Hi!, my name is Karlo, I’m a Chemist… a Chemist you say?, mmm… I know what you may be thinking, you may have stumbled into the wrong place, but wait!, let me tell a bit more:

I’ve been working in government for the last 9 years. Originally I was hired to provide with a technical-legal opinion on some documents. All these opinions produced in my work area were generating information, a lot of if! Now how were we keeping all that information? the answer: Excel spreadsheets!, even worse, we were keeping different “Excel databases” in charge of different people, so the criteria to build them and fill them was far from uniform…

I had always felt attracted to programming, the prospect of automatizing dull chores seemed very enticing to me, so I proposed a solution using Excel macros to validate a little bit better the data (learning Visual Basic Script was a must to tune these macros), then we moved to Access (a lot more Visual Basic). Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a more robust database?, time to connect the Access forms to SQL Server. Next, those Access forms seem a little bit rigid… time to learn Java and time to grow the system more and more.

Wow! that was a long and rough journey but with all that data in a single system the possibilities grew exponentially; from then on the managers wanted ever more complex reports (I mean, now it is possible to get them, right?), so, how to tackle that huge amount of data? Well, I always had this passion for statistics, and loved the statistics lessons during my major. Okay, so, what discipline combines the power of programming and the insights of statistics?: Data Science!!

Data Science is allowed me to discover new and exciting information that was hidden in plain sight, I’ve also been able to automatize several reports and make the best use of my time.

I’m still learning (I’ll always be) and that is such an advantage! The experts sometimes forget how much they struggled when they were novices and, since the knowledge seems so obvious to them now, they may even become unable to communicate with non experts. I’ve made my mission for Hark! The Data to always be a friendly and open place by never losing that fresh perspective and by fostering a spirit of curiosity.

Let’s get in touch!

e-mail: [email protected]